I was gonna do a review of the Joyce manor and dikembe albums but I wanna listen to em again before I review and I can’t listen because I’m stuck in Missouri and I’ve used all the high speed internet. I get back on Saturday so hopefully I’ll have the reviews up my Monday. Just know that I love both of them. Especially Joyce manor.

OC Zinefest was really really cool. Thanks for whoever picked up my zine!! I got a ton of super cool ones. Also I need to find Jonny Bummers because I want all your zines.


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Dangers, Graf Orlock, Everybody Row, & Moxiebeat 6/28 @ VLHS

This is another one of those shows that I wasn’t sure I was going to until the last second. That happens a lot when you don’t have a car. I really wanted to see Everybody Row, so I was totally stoked when my friend said he could give me a ride. Unfortunately, we only caught the last few seconds of Moxiebeat. I’ve heard a lot about them being one of the loudest local bands, and I wanna see what their live set is like so I’ll try to catch them the next show they play.

Everybody Row is 2/4 of Comadre and members of a band called No Babies which I have yet to check out. They have an organ and two vocalists which makes for a super interesting sound. I love bands like this, and the ep they just put out is one of my favorite pieces of music released this year. I had a feeling that their live set was going to sound even better than the record, and I wasn’t wrong. This was their third show and they already sounded better than any of the bands on the bill. Their sound is a bit hard to pinpoint the influences of, but you can tell that they have members of Comadre, and that’s a good thing. They had a short setlist, so they covered a song by No Sir, who I also haven’t listened to yet. They were an impressive band and I can’t wait to hear more from them.

Gorlock’s set was when I realized this wasn’t going to be a fun hardcore show. Instead it turned into a bunch of aggressive kids being too violent. I don’t think I’ve seen Graf since their 2011 show with Dangers, Joyce Manor and Griever. That was a good show. Graf sounded better at this show, which makes sense. They’ve had a few years to improve. Grindcore isn’t typically my type of music but Graf make it interesting enough to listen to.

Dangers have always been one of my favorite bands to see live. Their shows are usually aggressive, but not in a mindless stupid way. I’m not sure I can say that about this show. Dangers played a really good set which I enjoyed, but it was hard being in the crowd. The kids were too violent, and I don’t have much interest in rubbing shoulders with sweaty shirtless dudes. I wonder if the kid in the button up shirt kicked enough people in the head when he jumped off the half pipe 10 times. At one point, Al said “So much testosterone” and he was right. But I’ve gotten tired of testosterone filled violent hardcore shows. Can’t we dance without hurting people that are trying to stay out of the pit? Can we not throw fists and feet at shows? This is a whole other tangent. I’m supposed to be reviewing the show. Dangers played a great set. Al had a fucked up knee that got more fucked up during the set and he ended up limping through the set but still exuded energy. Dangers will most likely remain one of the most energetic bands in the scene for a long time.